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What else can be better than bed to sleep, chair to sit, desk to study, dining table for the dinner and rocking chair for a complete relax sipping a cup of tea with one hand and with either a newspaper to know what’s going on with this world. Here, all the household items we sleep or sit, relax on are known as ‘Furniture’

There are furniture that people buy for the sake of their lavish lifestyle and of course for the basic necessity in which they buy bed first to sleep and couple of chairs to sit in leisure time while watching their favorite programs on the television.

It is up to you how you want to represent yourself in the society and how fat is your income. Variety of furniture available in the market in different price range makes the buyer of all income group buy according to their pocket and can satisfy their basic needs with show off to some extent.

The technological aspect of manufacturing furniture has changed the entire process of manufacturing it, though there are processes that are done by the human efforts only.

The quality of furniture depends on the type of wood used and other materials while manufacturing it. There are external factors that affect furniture. Exposing it to the wet atmosphere, water, heat, white ants etc. cause problems in the survival of furniture for long. If you don’t repair or maintain it timely, it will ruin it soon.

As the technology is playing a big role with each and everything, the typical furniture has come out of it’s customary wood-made furniture to metal-made furniture of iron, aluminum and other metals.

If you have antique furniture with you, you can keep them in the drawing as a piece for decoration.

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